Easy to Operate Android App

Plug n Play installation Easy to configure with any wifi enabled device

Almost zero maintenance

Can control upto 8 Relays

6 functions per Relay

        ✅ Normal On/Off

        ✅ Schedule ( no need any internet for Schedule tasks, making Device superior over Cheap Chinese Brands,

               e.g on @ 08:05AM off @ 12:30PM)

        ✅ Pulse Mode (device can on any Relay for specific time HH:MM:SS and off vice versa, suitable for incubator Egg trays)

        ✅ Auto Shut Down (relay will be off after user set time HH:MM:SS)

        ✅ Temperature Controller Hot/Cool (user can set temperature threshold for turning any Relay on/off)

        ✅ Humidifier/Dehumidifier (can control any relay with Humidity threshold, suitable for incubators)

✅ IOT Ready 

✅ Best for Home/Industry Usage

  denontek-wiseio-esp8266-based-8-relay-iot-board-with-rtc-temperature-humidity-sensor-in-pakistan - 1

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DENONTEK WiseIO- Esp8266 based 8 Relay IOT board with RTC & Temperature/Humidity Sensor

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