Pycom introduces the WiPy 2.0 – a tiny MicroPython enabled WiFi & Bluetooth IoT development platform. With a 1KM WiFi range, state of the art Espressif ESP32 chipset and dual processor, the WiPy is all about taking the Internet of Things to the next level. Create and connect your things everywhere. Fast.


  • Powerful CPU, BLE and state of the art WiFi radio
  • 1KM Wi Range
  • MicroPython enabled, the Linux of IoT for fast deployment
  • Fits in a standard breadboard (with headers)
  • Ultra-low power usage: a fraction compared to other connected micro controllers
  • Hardware floating point acceleration
  • Python multi-threading

And as you know, Pycom has already written a powerful and intuitive Python API to take advantage of every feature of the hardware.

Other WiFi boards are available and you might think, “yet another platform…”, but guess what? It’s not. All Pycom boards run Python and that works just like the Python you are used to working with on a PC. The learning curve is minimal.
Simply put, Pycom boards are all about Python and the internet, but with rocket fuel.

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PyCom WiPy 2.0

  • Product Code: PyCom
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Rs.3,900

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